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Cashflow Baba

Cashflow Board Game Workshop is a unique and valuable learning experience that provides participants with an interactive and engaging way to understand personal finance and investing.


Financial Goals

A Cashflow Board Game is an important tool for reaching financial goals, and it can be a good resource for achieving your goals.



There are many ways in which you can make passive income after you reach retirement and become financially independent.


Personal Finance

In this game, you will learn concepts related to Personal Finance which will help you to grow your Financial Knowledge.


Track Spending

When you play a Cashflow Board Game, you will also get a better understanding of how you can manage your expenses.

    Grow Your Financial Knowledge And Build Your Wealth.



    Cashflow Board Game Workshop April 2023

    8:15 am - 3:00 pm Thane, Maharashtra, India
    Acquiring assets and managing liabilities using Rich Dad's offline board game and real-world examples, players learn how to invest. In addition, players receive expert advice on how to get out of RAT RACE by avoiding investment mistakes.

    our team


    A group of professionals who embrace the philosophy of Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad“. Our goal is to help people learn about financial literacy in an enjoyable way. And through such education people can achieve Financial Freedom. All who want to learn new financial concepts are welcome to attend our Workshop.

    Sandeepan Reddy

    Sandeepan is a true learner whose life purpose is to use patience and optimism to encourage and inspire people, and students in becoming remarkable, generous, and wealthy in life. He comes with rich experience of over 20 + years across the function of finance, education, strategy, advisory, and marketing communication. Having worked on various challenging and diverse projects, he has a deep understanding of how to create a strategic impact for micro, small and mid-sized organizations. He is on the Board of a few companies to provides strategic direction and consulting.  Sandeepan is a Founder - Director of Synergy Group of Schools operating 2 CBSE schools and 21 preschools in Rural parts of Maharashtra.  He is also a Co-Founder of Ambajogai Hospitals LLP which is a super specialty hospital based in Ambajogai.  He is also working as Director at the Wealth management firm – I & I Financial Services Pvt. Ltd which is a Franchise of Sharekhan operating 13 offices servicing 7000 + clients handling AUA of ₹ 163 Crores. Sandeepan is a B.E. in Electronics & Telecommunication from Government Engineering College, Aurangabad, and PGDM- finance from Symbiosis (SCMHRD), Pune, and an MDP at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA).

    Vaibhav Datar

    Author of Amazon best-seller "Simplify Your Life" Experienced Mid Life Coach SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE BOOK The best-selling book focuses on making behavioral and mindset changes in your life. It helps you feeling elevated (in short happiness) and gives strategies at work and home. HIGHLIGHTS
    • 10+ years of professional coaching experience
    • 14 years of experience leading 150+ people
    • 1000+ hours of coaching, 10000+ readers
    • Work as a full-time coach, parent, and speaker
    • Key Values - Fun, Family, and Freedom
    • Help professionals overcome their fears of rejection and failures, help them build more confidence, work over their money/finance issues.
    • Help professionals in transforming their beliefs, values, and attitudes.
    • Coach people into thinking new ways of approaching life problems
    • Help People fall-in-love with the most important person in their life
    • Surpass your relationship "expectations"
    • Help overcome emotional issues, bury old hatchets
    • Get the oomph back in your "official" relationships
    • Work with professionals on their long-term vision
    • Be an accountability coach and help overcome life's challenges
    • Help with action planning and behavioral changes
    • Help drop unnecessary baggage and release emotional drains
    • From being an IT professional to being a full-time mid-life coach, life has given me some amazing experiences.
    • Weekly conversations consist of the past week, assignments and homework, what is planned this week, actions to be taken, beliefs and values, visioning and plans for the upcoming week.
    • Clients sign up for my awesome packages.
    • All clients and conversations are strictly confidential and are conducted via telephone or in person
    our team

    Atul Gore

    Freelance counselor, Trainer, Consultant A Graduate in Civil Engineering and alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad, having more than 4 decades of experience. I believe that my big break in life came when I realized that my passion was in building organizational talent along with concrete structures. I have been committed to this cause ever since, as a Counsellor, trainer, consultant, coach, mentor, and visiting faculty, and also conduct FMB programs (SPJIMR) for a number of professionals and entrepreneurs. While working with human emotions and on organization development projects, I use my engineering and technology acumen with as much ease as while working with cement and steel. I am a certified “Ziglar worldwide” trainer, master trainer by swami Satchidananda Bharathi of Navshrusthi international, and yoga teacher by Yog Vidya Niketan.

    Asavari Kulkarni

    Asavari Kulkarni.  Event Manager with 25 years of experience in corporate Events.  Expertise in conferences, Meetings, Team bonding, and R n R, etc.  Also specialize in Event setup, Festive and floral decors, and customized gifting.

    Anjali Choudhari

    Anjali a Power Coach trained by Coaching & Leadership International Inc, Canada; brings to the table various effective techniques & tools in Coaching and Mentoring various organizations & also individuals. She uses Mind Kinetics® science, which helps the clients to achieve the physiological biological shift in the brain and thinking cells get nourished due to which the habits change. PCMK™ gets to the root cause of our inability to achieve goals. Thus, the client understands the actions and can choose positive actions. Anjali helps aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs achieve more clarity and enhance their decision-making and critical thinking. She helps small organizations to make a way to progress and improve productivity through Executive coaching and strategic consulting.  Anjali has more than 20 years of extensive experience in the field of Human Resources with organizations like ISE, BSE, Dawnay Day AV, Orion, and Highbar Technocrat. Her holistic approach to coaching attracts clients who desire to coach and mentor in the areas of Getting harmony in the organization for better performance, Leadership Development, Team Success, Creativity, and Presentation/Speaking skills as well as assisting clients in enjoying a fulfilling personal & Professional life.   Anjali uses Mind Kinetics® science, which helps the clients to achieve the physiological biological shift in the brain and thinking cells get nourished due to which the habits change. PCMK™ gets to the root cause of our inability to achieve goals. Thus, the client understands the actions and can choose positive actions. 


    Cashflow Board Game Workshop

    After participating in a Cashflow Board Game Workshop, individuals can expect to gain a better understanding of personal finance and investing. They will learn about financial strategies and concepts such as cash flow management, understanding financial statements, and creating a plan for achieving financial freedom.

    Personal Finance and Investing

    Through participating in the Cashflow Board Game Workshop, individuals will learn about financial strategies and concepts such as cash flow management

    Practical Experience

    Participants can practice and apply the concepts they have learned in a simulated environment by simulating real-life financial scenarios.

    Networking Opportunities

    Participants will have the opportunity to network and learn from other individuals who are also interested in personal finance and investing.

    Learn More About Cashflow BABA

    The goal of the game is to get out of the “rat race” and achieve financial freedom. It can be a fun and engaging way to learn about personal finance and investing.


    What our players say

    In the beginning, I was comfortable with the amount I had, I was only focusing on collecting as much...
    First of all, if you don’t know anything about shares don’t purchase them. In real life, I had also...
    I’ve learned 2 things from this game. One is even if you have a lot of cash in your...
     It is not every time an opportunity comes from the market; we have to check our accounts also. When...