Cashflow Board Game Workshop April 2023

Start Time

8:15 am

April 8, 2023

Finish Time

3:00 pm

April 8, 2023


Thane, Maharashtra, India

How will this offline board game teach me about my finances?
I do not have time to play such a game!

Does this question arise in your mind?
Using Rich Dad’s offline board game and real-world examples, players get to practice investing by acquiring assets and dealing with the perils of liabilities. Players also have an expert suggestion on the investment mistake that helps them come out of RAT RACE.

Why Play CASHFLOW game??

✅ Break your imaginary boundaries about playing safe.
✅ Learn concepts that the rich understand about money that you were never taught.
✅ Realize that taking investment “risks” is not so risky when you know what you are doing.


Who comes with us?